81 No Such Thing As Free Pants with Lizzie Bartelt


The Episode:

The Situations:

Lizzie Bartelt just got two new roommates for a grand total of four, Chris went on a solo road trip and Ben saw an asshole get what was coming to him on an airplane.

The Drinks:

Hotel D’Alsace (PDT)hotel-dalsace
2 oz Bushmills Irish Whiskey
.5 oz Cointreau
.5 oz Bénédictine
1 sprig rosemary

Muddle the liqueurs and bottom half of rosemary sprig, then add whiskey. Stir with ice until well chilled and fine-strain over one large ice cube in a chilled rocks glass. Garnish with the tip of the rosemary sprig.

GT Swizzlegt-swizzle
2 oz overproof gin
.5 oz fresh lime juice
.5 oz tonic syrup (or tonic water, to taste)
2-3 dashes tonic bitters (optional)
3 thin wheels fresh lime (save one as garnish)

Add liquid ingredients (except bitters) to a Collins glass and fill halfway with crushed ice. Nestle two of the lime wheels against the interior of the glass, and add crushed ice to hold in place and to fill. Use a swizzle stick or a barspoon to swizzle the drink until a thin film of ice coats the outside of the glass. Add more crushed ice to fill, and garnish with the final lime wheel. Dash bitters onto the ice. Serve with a straw.

Jet Pilotjet-pilot
1 oz Jamaican rum
.75 oz gold Puerto Rican rum
.75 oz 151-proof demerara rum
.5 oz grapefruit juice
.5 oz lime juice
.5 oz cinnamon syrup
dash of Angostura bitters
6 dashes Pernod
4 oz crushed ice
cherry for garnish

Assemble ingredients in a blender and blend for 5-10 seconds. Pour into a hurricane glass and garnish.

Coffee Grog (Jeff Berry)
1 sugar cube
1 tsp. Don’s Coffee Grog Batter*
Pinch of ground nutmeg
Pinch of ground clove
Pinch of ground cinnamon
3 strips orange peel
1 strip grapefruit peel
6 oz freshly brewed hot coffee (Kona is traditional)
.5 oz aged Jamaican rum
.5 oz 151-proof Demerara rum
1 cinnamon stick

Place the sugar, batter, spices and citrus peels in a preheated, heat-proof glass, then add the coffee, stirring until the batter dissolves. Place the rums in a fireproof ladle, carefully ignite with a match, and pour the flaming rum into the glass. Garnish.

*Don’s Coffee Grog Batter
Combine 1 oz. of softened sweet unsalted butter and 1 ounce of honey with a teaspoon of your favorite vanilla syrup, ½ a teaspoon of allspice dram and 1 teaspoon of your favorite cinnamon syrup. Makes 18 servings.

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