Episode 18: Road Tripping, Tour Guiding and Border Crossing with Adam Pranica


The Episode:

The Situations: Adam Pranica got held up at the US/Canada border and it was sort of Ben’s fault. Chris is donning his tour guide hat for a Londoner new to Toronto and Ben went on a road trip with his mom.

The Drinks:

Beef On Rye (via)beef-on-rye
1 1/2 oz Beefeater gin
1/2 oz Canadian club whisky
1/2 oz Passion Fruit syrup
2 oz sparkling Bitter lemon soda

Shake the gin, whisky and syrup in a shaker. Strain into an old-fashioned glass half-filled with broken ice. Add the lemon soda.

Rum Runnerrum-runner
1 1/2 oz gold rum
1/2 oz Crème de Mûre (blackberry brandy)
1/2 oz Crème de Banane
4 oz Fresh Orange juice
Dash of Falernum or Grenadine

Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Strain into a chilled hurricane glass.

The Blacktop (via)blacktop
2 oz Mount Gay rum
1 oz Myers’s rum
1 1/2 ounces fresh lemon juice
1 ounce simple syrup
1 maraschino cherry, for garnish
1 orange slice, for garnish

Pour the Mount Gay rum, lemon juice, and simple syrup into a mixing glass two-thirds full of ice cubes. Shake well. Strain into an ice-filled highball glass, and carefully pour the Myers’s rum over the back of a teaspoon so that it floats on top of the drink. Garnish with the cherry and the orange slice.

Romulan Ale (via)Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 1.24.24 PM
1 1/2 oz White rum
1 oz Blue Curacao
Lemon Lime soda*
6 drops Tabasco sauce

Combine ingredients in an ice-filled mixing glass. Give a quick stir and strain into a champagne flute. Add a grain of salt.

*To roll your own, fine-strain the juice of one lemon and one lime into a glass. Add an equal volume of simple syrup to the glass, then double the volume again with seltzer

All Rightalright09
1 1/2 oz Rye whiskey
1 oz Orange curaçao
1 ds Angostura Bitters

Combine ingredients in a shaker, shake until well chilled, strain into a cocktail glass and serve.

Champagne Cocktail534564
1 lump sugar
1 small piece of ice
2 ds Angostura Bitters
twisted lemon peel

Build in a champagne glass.

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