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Let’s Drink About It is a podcast that asks the question, what is the correct beverage to pair with any given moment in your life? Each week, hosts Chris and Ben sit down to discuss the events of their lives and which cocktails to pair with those events. We’ll learn about cocktails, the theory and history of the mixed drink, and maybe even a little something about ourselves. Subscribe!


Chris Bowman is your host. He lives in Toronto, Ontario. He has worked as a professional bartender, which gives this show all the credibility it’s ever going to have.

Benjamin Ahr Harrison is your host. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. He has been a fan of cocktails since before they were cool, but he’s still totally into them and isn’t over it at all.

Show credits:

Music by: @GrahamWalsh

Artwork by: Paul Watling

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Editorial Policy:
Let’s Drink About It costs money to produce, and as such we won’t turn away free product samples. That said, we will never give anything but our frankest opinion of any beverage we try on the show, and the drinks we talk about in each episode will be selected based on life events and not sponsorships. If we ever advertise, we will clearly state when we are doing so.

You shouldn’t even think about listening to this show unless you are over the legal drinking age in whatever country you are in. In fact, you shouldn’t even think about it in general. Don’t listen to this show while driving, or drink this show while listening.

Podcast responsibly.

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